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Hello and WELCOME!

We are a Star Wars Galaxies Emulation Guild. Our name is IMPIN' AINT EASY. While most of us come from different background, different servers and are part of different age groups, we all seemed to find our way to SWGEmu TC. SWGEmu is a group of developers, or coders, who are dedicated to bringing back the PRE-CU experience of Star Wars Galaxies that we had all come to know and love before the CU and NGE that SOE so visciously dropped upon us. Most of us plan on joining SUNCRUSHER, which is the official server of the SWGEmu Development team, when it goes live. There is no ETA on the server ATM but for now you can catch us on Liberator. 

    We are recruiting new and active members! Seek out Anarcha, Kaotica, Pixie, or Kitten in-game, to find out more! Or register on this site with your in-game names (including all alts that you plan to join IAE with), and professions.

Thank you!
Guild News

TC: Nova Now in the developmental and testing phase for the OR (object restructure).

Piix E'Stix, Nov 16, 10 6:02 AM.
Old Nova was wiped on October 1st, 2010, and the OR (object restructure) implemented. Please create characters and test as much as you can. Report bugs at You will have to create a seperate account for Mantis Bug Tracker, but you can use the same username/email as the one you use for the forums, but you must create a new account for it. You can track updates at Last OR wipe was 10/14/10. I will try to keep this site as up to date as possible. Our city is and will remain as Dark Water, Dantooine. I will continue to place it after every wipe, so contact Pixie for zoning rights and drop your house and declare residence! Thanks!

Impin' Ain't Easy Official Guild Website!

Piix E'Stix, May 22, 10 2:38 AM.
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the <IAE>, Impin' Ain't Easy, official guild website!
We are a very laid back guild, and we strive to make game play fun for all our members. Our ultimate goal as a guild is to have the most fun and pwn all who oppose us! We are currently recruiting all combat and crafting professions. As of now the goal is to test and report as many bugs as possible to help the SWGEmu team progress, so that we can have a stable pre-CU gaming experience! If you don't play, you can't test...if you don't test, you can't be a part of the solution. I hope everyone will try to make some time to be an active part of bringing pre-CU SWG back to life! Have fun out there, and LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! /salute
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